A little bit about my shop

Most products are made to order, so may differ very slightly from the image shown. Rest assured, all books go through extensive quality checks to ensure they are an accurate representation of the product image, and to keep the quality consistent.


Orders take 2-3 weeks to process (though please read the product description, as there can be some exceptions) and this includes the process of purchasing the book and materials, prepping the book, spraying, painting, stencilling and/or foiling. This process is done entirely by hand, hence the processing time.

Returns and Refunds:

For this reason, I am unable to accept cancellations after 24 hours of purchase. You are however more than welcome to exchange your product if it does not meet your needs, or return it for either a refund or replacement if it arrives damaged.

Please do not hesitate to reach out should you have any issues or enquiries. My main goal is to give my customers beautiful books for them to cherish.

Lastly, if tyou don't see a book in my shop that you want, please reach out and ask! My custom orders are charged at the same rate as regular orders, and I'm always happy to fulfill your vision for customising your favourite book!


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